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Recruitment specializing in General Labor, IT, Call Centres, Accounting and Finance.

We help you find the right candidates for the job.

Pinpoint Recruitment is a staffing agency specializing in General Labor, Information Technology, finance, engineering, call centres, and multiple other industries. We have locations in multiple states across the US and provinces in Canada and have a diverse network of talented employees to support your business needs. Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent staffing solutions, Pinpoint Recruitment will help with all of your staffing needs.

Trusted Worldwide By Over 200+ Employers

Recommended By Top Professionals

They are always willing to give their full attention and provide me with some very qualified people. My staff now has 1 Supervisor and 2 Leadman, Receptionist, and all 4 started off as temps from Pinpoint Recruitment, they excelled in the program that Vin Sauvage had to offer them and was promoted to these positions.

Lalo Sanchez, Team Lead VIN Sauvage

As the Manager of Talent Acquisition for goTRG I have worked with Pinpoint for the past couple of years. We have a strong partnership and they have delivered quality candidates to us year after year. The Pinpoint team is dedicated to our partnership and have been a vital part of our success in meeting the expectations of our customers.

Daniel Brady, Manager, Talent Acquisition goTRG

We have grown our staff with several employees provided by Pinpoint due to a higher skill set provided. This excellent level of service is why we will continue to use Pinpoint Recruitment for all our employee Staffing needs.

Pedro Ypiña, Center Manager JOHNSTON SUPPLY

If they had a candidate that they thought would be a good fit for us they were quick to let us know. They are quick to respond to any needs that may have come up and they are ready and eager to help in any way they can. Thank you, Pinpoint Recruitment, for all your hard work. Looking forward to many more value business partnership years.

Bernardo Sanchez, Warehouse Manager Catapult Global

Our Process

Our team of experienced recruiters will work with you to understand your specific needs and requirements and will source candidates that match your criteria. We are dedicated to finding the right employees to help your business succeed.

Sourcing Candidates

Our team of experienced recruiters will work with you to understand your specific needs and requirements and will source candidates that match your criteria.

Screening & Assessment

We thoroughly screen and assess our candidates to your requirements. To maintain our and your high standards, every candidate goes through our thorough assessment and screening program customized to meet your specific requirements.

Permanent Placement

In addition to our temporary staffing solutions, Pinpoint Recruitment also offers permanent placement services. We will work together to identify your long-term staffing needs and find candidates that are a good fit for your company culture and values.

Benefits of working with us

There are many benefits to working with Pinpoint Recruitment, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

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We can provide candidates to start at your location with a 24 hour notice. They will be already assessed, screened and ready to work hard in your behalf.

At Pinpoint, we start with a phone interview followed by a thorough face to face interview at our office. We then run a national and county criminal background check and conduct a 10 panel drug test. We will also conduct several reference checks with formal employers.

Our rates are amongst the most competitive in the industry. As we currently have applicants and candidates ready to go in your area, we can provide an incredible value to cost ratio for our service.

All we need as a few minutes of your time to go over what your current needs are and some information regarding the culture, organization and what you will be looking for in an employee. We take care of the rest and have great candidates show up at your location at your desired time and date.

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If you are looking for staffing solutions, contact Pinpoint Recruitment today. We look forward to helping you grow your business!